Sockatoo Forager - Mini, Classic & Ultra
Sockatoo Forager - Mini, Classic & Ultra

Sockatoo Forager - Mini, Classic & Ultra

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The ultimate foraging toy!
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The ultimate foraging toy! 

Parrots love Sockatoos and you will too. Sockatoos are  soft cotton socks hand filled with an array of fun, bird-safe toys and treats. They provide hours of fun for our pet birds, keeping them entertained and limiting  self-destructive behavior.  Parrots naturally have foraging instincts; they need to seek and find food. What a better way to say I love you to your bird than with a Sockatoo ! 

Each Sockatoo segment is jam packed with fun, bird-safe toys and treats, wood wafers and beads, legos, almonds in shells for large Sockatoos and pistachios in shell for Mini Sockatoos, star anise, plastic rings, dried chilies, dried pasta and fun colorful buttons sewn on the outside.

Mini-too Size: 12" x 3"

Classic-too Size: 18" x 4"

Ultra-too Size: 20" x 4" - Designed for larger birds such as Hyacinth or Green Wing macaws with five compartments packed with the fun, parrot-safe treats and toys that are the hallmark of the Sockatoo lineup, now with in-the-shell Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds and Macadamia nuts.

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Sockatoo Forager - Mini, Classic & Ultra
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