Who doesn't love getting free bird stuff! Earn points on all of your purchases (excludes taxes and shipping). 

**Earn 10 points for every dollar you spend before taxes and shipping - it's that easy!**

Parrot Point Levels

Redeem 2,000 points = $8 off
Redeem 4,000 points = $24 off
Redeem 6,000 points = $48 off
Redeem 10,000 points = $80 off

How to Redeem your Points

1) Login to your account
2) Select 'My Rewards'
3) Select 'Redeem Points'
4) Your coupon code will be e-mailed to you so you can apply it to your order

To Earn Extra Points

- New Customer Registration 100 points
- Sign up to our Mailing List 200 points
- New Customer Referral 250 points**
- Review a Purchased Product 100 points

**To redeem the referral rewards you must first login to your account and click on the 'Earn Rewards' button at the bottom of this page. Select 'Earn More Rewards' and the store will generate a code for your referral. Copy and paste the link, share on social media or send to friends that may be interested in our store. You will receive 250 points for every new customer that purchases from your link

Additional Information:

- Only 10,000 points can be applied per order
- Order total must be $20 over the redemption value before taxes & shipping (ie: If you redeem $80, your order total must be $100)
- Points cannot be transferred to other customers
- Points cannot be redeemed on sale weekends or combined with any other offers


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