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Tango's Freeze Dried California Veg Chop
Tango's Freeze Dried California Veg Chop

Tango's Freeze Dried California Veg Chop

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Freeze Dried Foods for birds in Canada!
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Freeze Dried California Veg Chop is the best alternative you will get to feeding your birds fresh foods. You can serve dry as is or add a little water to rehydrate - whichever your bird prefers!

Our produce is sourced locally right here in Ontario and we make everything in house to ensure quality control is adhered to. Great for those who want to provide a balanced diet without the added work of chopping fruits and veggies. Unlike fresh fruits and veggies, you can leave freeze dried products in the dish without worrying about it spoiling quickly.  

Freeze drying maintains 97% nutritional value, colour, shape and flavour and is shelf stable for up to 1 year. 

Your parrots will love our freeze dried foods and you will love the convenience! The bigger pieces are super easy to crumble for the smaller beaks or you can blend into powder and add it to your bird bread!

Ingredients: broccoli, cauliflower and carrots

Bag size is 6" x 9" x 3" thick. Approximately 30-35 grams

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Tango's Freeze Dried California Veg Chop
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