Tango's Cozy Roost Heat Panel - Medium 11
Tango's Cozy Roost Heat Panel - Medium 11' x 30' (Waiting List until Fall 2024)

Tango's Cozy Roost Heat Panel - Medium 11" x 30" (Waiting List until Fall 2024)

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Cozy Roost Heat Panels are perfect for our cold Canadian winters! These panels are energy efficient and reliable.

Thee heat panels are designed to mount at the side of your parrots cage or mounted to a wall. 
The surface temperature of the heat panel will range from a safe 160-180 degrees (F).  It is designed to warm the animal, not the environment and maintains the ideal comfort level for your animals. The temperature will not exceed 160-180 degrees and will not burn your birds.  For additional safety measures, the Cozy Roost heat panel has a thermal control to insure heaters turn off automatically when heat is not allowed to escape.

All of the materials we use in the heat panel are completely safe. The lens material is common fiberglass fire rated sheeting used in homes and the food industry. The shell is ABS styrene material (think refrigerator linings, toys, and other molded products). The insulation is a noncombustible EcoTouch Insulation utility blanket. The ODOR that is noted on a new heater is from the escalated final drying of the lens material (fiberglass and adhesives) as the heat is applied. The odor is normal and will go away as the new materials dry out. Very close examination of the lens sometimes reveals small hairline cracks that are created as the lens dries as well as browning of the lens over time. This is normal and expected. Please ensure to plug in your heat panel away from your birds cage until the odor is not present.

Please note that these panels come with a mounting kit to mount to your wall. Cage mounting hardware is sold separately and can be added on. Cage mounts include 2 acrylic brackets with stainless steel hardware. You can purchase the cage mounting brackets HERE 

Suitable for larger birds such as macaws, large cockatoos or if you have larger aviaries with multiple birds

Size of the heat panel is 11" x 30", 100 watts

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Tango's Cozy Roost Heat Panel - Medium 11
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