Tango's Organic & Sustainable Coconut Oil 8oz

Tango's Organic & Sustainable Coconut Oil 8oz

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Tango's Coconut Oil is 100% Organic and Sustainable. 

Our coconut oil is unprocessed, cold pressed, extra virgin & organic. It is 100% natural, we bring it to you at its purest. Coconut oil is a great addition for birdie bread and can also be used to grease the bird bread pans.

  • Taste Like Real Coconut As It Should

  • Sustainable & Ethically Harvested

  • Handpicked Premium Quality Coconuts

  • 100% Natural, With No GMO & Zero Additives

Benefits of Coconut Oil:

• Weight loss if needed 
• Immune system support 
• A healthy and active metabolism 
• An excellent quick energy source 
• A healthy supple skin and lustrous feathers 
• Inexpensive antimicrobial protection 

You can use it to add into food, mix into birdie bread or use to grease the pans of your birdie bread so it doesn't stick to the pan.

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