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Bright and colourful balsa cage mount toy
Part Number: PS1085-1123
Availability: 2 - In Stock.
Keilbalsa has a new design! We re-vamped this toy and added our own bright and colourful beads!

This toy is great for the birds who love to rip and shred. A big huge chunk of balsa stuffed with corks and colourful snappy beads will provide extra foraging fun. 

Toy includes:

- 6" x 2" x 2" balsa block
- 13 x small cork pops
- 9 x 1/2" colourful wood beads
- Stainless steel hardware for mounting on the side of your cage - 1 x 2.5" flat bolt, 1 x 1 1/2" washer and wing nut

Handmade by The Parrot Shop

Size: 6" high x 3" wide

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