Inky Cage Mount Forager

Inky Cage Mount Forager

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In the same vein as our dino toys, this octopus is drilled full of 8mm beads or millet for your bird to dig after, as well as delicious nooks and crannies to chew or stuff treats between the multitide of arms! 

Embedded into a piece of 3/4" unfinished pine are beads of 4mm and 6mm sizes This toy is intended to be mounted to the side of a cage, and will come with a 1/4" x 1.5" machine bolt, two 1.5" washers, and a wingnut to keep it safely in place. All stainless steel! 

This toy is GREAT for small birds like budgies, cockatiels, conures, quakers, and more! And they can either safely chew the pine to smithereens with all its tantalizing nooks and crannies, or you can keep refilling the wells with beads or more treats! 

Size is approx 4" x 4"

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