Parrots love chewing on different types of woods. Each wood has a different hardness level - some after softer than others depending on the size of bird you have. Some birds will get discouraged if the wood is too hard for their beaks, this is what you don't want to happen. 

Soft woods such as balsa, yucca and cork bark are great for the smaller smaller beaks - it is also great for birds who you are trying to learn how to chew. It is quite soft and it is easier and more fun for them to destroy - keep the broom handy if you are using this type of wood.

Harder woods such as manzanita, apple and pine are great for birds who are more advanced with their chewing. African greys, macaws love chewing on harder woods and it is great for beak maintenance. Small to medium sized birds do well with pine - you can make the chewing harder by choosing woods that are thicker. 

There are many different types of wood that we carry. We get asked this question all the time - how hard is our wood and what kind of wood is best for our parrot? Well here is a handy chart which takes bird safe wood from the janka scale, we will be adding more to it as we go.

Balsa & Yucca 90
Cork Bark 200
Basswood 410
Pine 410
Cottonwood 430
Sassafras 630
Birch 910
Pear 1660
Mulberry 1680
Apple 1730
Manzanita 2350

Let us know in the comments below which wood your parrot prefers!