Aloe Gel Packets 3pk
Aloe Gel Packets 3pk

Aloe Gel Packets 3pk

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Aloe Gel in Packet (3 packets per unit)
Soothing aloe topical for burns, bites and other topical irritations.
Each packet contains .202 fl oz / 6 ml soothing aloe gel.

Aloe vera is a topical gel that contains numerous properties of benefit to the integument of avian patients:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antibacterial
  • antifungal
  • anti-oxidant


Aloe vera gel reduces inflammation and provides relief from pain resulting from burns, sores, dry skin, rashes, feather picking and other skin irritants. It can be used safely and effectively on all integumentary surfaces, including the feet, beak and surfaces of the mouth.


George’s Aloe Vera, which is grown under organic conditions, has over 200 beneficial components and has been shown in scientific studies to:

  • Reduce postoperative pain.
  • Help wound healing by increasing the strength of healing tissues.
  • Increase re-epithelialization in burn wounds.

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Aloe Gel Packets 3pk
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