Feathered Haven Parrot Rescue - Smith Falls, Ontario

Feathered Haven Parrot Rescue - Smith Falls, Ontario

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Feathered Haven Parrot Rescue is a non profit home based rescue with the support of foster homes for birds in need. We educate the public through community events as well as aid people with birds in their home. When we are contacted in regards to taking in a bird from a good home we try to assist in rehoming as opposed to bringing the bird into rescue...we prefer to leave our vacancies for birds in need due to health, for birds who will possibly be euthanized due to behavior, and ones who exhibit self abusive behavior. Once issues are resolved we then look for a very suitable home for them, while offering help,support and training to future human companions.

Email for gift certificates: JillAWoods@aol.com

45 Beech Street, Smiths Falls, Ontario Canada..K7A-3V7

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