Dean's Calcium 8oz
Dean's Calcium 8oz

Dean's Calcium 8oz

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Dean's calcium is one of the purest forms of calcium that you can buy. ?Dean's vitamins & Minerals are all Kosher and Human Grade. Forty five minerals and vitamins are mixed into Dean’s Calcium Powder to give your birds and pets a blended powder/blocks. All of your birds and pets needs as far as calcium-mineral-vitamins, can be found in Dean’s Calcium Powder. Dean's calcium powder has been lab tested, and also tested on several flocks of birds with maximum results. Dean's has been acknowledged by large breeders to produce large strong babies right from the start. Dean’s also brings out brighter colors in your birds plumage, improves your birds skeletal structure, nails, beak etc. and also eliminates soft shell eggs in laying females.

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Dean's Calcium 8oz
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