Cork Bark Perch - Medium
Cork Bark Perch - Medium

Cork Bark Perch - Medium

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Unique and Handmade Perches - Made in Canada!
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All natural virgin cork bark perch! This is a fantastic soft wood perch for your parrots. We make sure all cork bark is boiled, baked and scrubbed prior to letting any parrots touch it. 

Size: Approximately 7-8" in length

Please note that this is a natural product. Each piece is unique and will vary in size and shape. 

Comes with stainless steel hardware - 4 x 1 1/2" washers, 2 x 2" hanger bolt and 2 x wing nuts

*Please note that due to the softness of the natural cork bark perch material, if wing nuts are over tightened when mounting, the hanger bolt can pull out of the perch. To avoid this, please only tighten the wing nut until you just start to feel some resistance and then stop.*

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Cork Bark Perch - Medium
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