Clicker Training Kit
Clicker Training Kit

Clicker Training Kit

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Getting Started: Clicker Training for Birds by Melinda Johnson

  • Depressed birds regain their joy in life
  • One-person birds warm up to other family members
  • Scared birds learn to cooperate with simple care such as nail clipping
  • Undesirable behaviors such as screaming and biting fade away
  • Baby birds grow up to be outstanding companions
  • Rescued and older birds lean to trust, love, and play
  • Birds win new friends with appealing tricks and games

You'll learn to communicate with you bird - and to teach your bird to communicate with you - in ways that you never imagined.

This fantastic book - called "The bible of clicker training for parrots" - contains 156 pages full of useful advice, tips and instructions for turning your biting, cranky bird into a happy, loving companion.

The kit includes the book Getting Started: Clicker Training for Birds, an i-Click clicker, a target stick, and sample treats.

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