Bird Butlers

The Bird Butler watering system is one of a kind. This is a self-contained sanitary water bottle that fills in seconds without having to remove it from the cage for a few days. It is practically indestructible! It is also great for travelling as it doesn't spill. 
One important thing to note is that it doesn't have a 'ball' on the valve like most water systems - these 'ball' systems can harbour bacteria which is not sanitary for your birds.

Which valve is right for me?

Variable Valve - The variable valve is for use by the smallest of birds.  It is recommended for finches, canaries, lovebirds, doves, and other birds up to cockatiel size.  

Heavy Duty ValveThe heavy duty valve is extremely durable and  recommended for quakers, senegals, pionus, ringnecks, small amazons, timneh greys, Solomon Island eclectus, and other similar-sized parrots.

Stainless Steel Valve - The large stainless steel valve is our strongest valve, designed specifically for the larger parrots.  It stands up to punishment from macaws, cockatoos, Congo greys, large amazons, etc.  This valve is also tough enough to be used by monkeys, dogs, and other large animals.

**Please note that we will not be shipping the Bird Butlers International anymore Apologies for the inconvenience**
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