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The Aviator Flight Line
The Aviator Flight Line

The Aviator Flight Line

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Light weight elastic cording allows safe flight and encourages proper flight behaviors for free flight training. If your bird ever gets loose he will be better equipped to fly home. 

The Aviator Bird Harness wrist strap attaches to the lead of the Aviator Flight Line and you no longer need to hold on. 

The Aviator Flight Line is very light. For small birds the entire Flight Line lead and the Aviator Harness together weights less than 15 grams. For the largest birds the system weighs a total of only 23 grams. 

Now you can safely teach your bird recall, to fetch, to forage in the grass for treats, exercise, and the best part of all you will spend more time having fun with your companion. 

The Aviator Bird Flight Line works for all birds as small as cockatiels and as large as hyacinths. The package includes: Flight Line system Light weight lead for small birds Heavy weight lead for large birds

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The Aviator Flight Line
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