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All About Yunnan Baiyao
What is Yunnan Baiyao?

Widely used everywhere in China, Yunnan Baiyao is one of the miracles of Traditional Chinese Medicine: It has a legendary reputation for immediate stopping internal and external bleeding, relieving swelling and severe pain, working as a disinfectant. just sprinkle it directly into a open wound, followed by pressure on the injured place. 

For those of us with birds, the powder is a great way to stop bleeding in cases of emergency. It has also been brought to my attention that it also works for cases of dogs that have cancer. 

Yunnan Baiyao was developed in the early 1900's and saved the lives of many soldiers in the war. The formula and it's production process is considered to be top secret. The workers making the medicine are reportedly divided into 13 different groups so that they have no knowledge of the rest of the production process. 

In 2010, the FDA listedthe following active ingredients in Yunnan Baiyao - notoginseng (Panax pseudoginseng) root, borneol (Dryobalanops aromatica) crystal, Boea Clarkean (Boea clarkeana) entire plant, Inula Copp (Inula coppa) root, Complanatum (Lycopodium complanatum) rhizome, Chinese Yam (Dioscorea opposita) rhizome, galanga (Alpina offcinarum), cranebill (Erodium stephanianum) aerial parts, camphor (Cinnamonmum camphora) crystal extracts, and peppermint (Menta haplocalyx) leaves as active ingredients in Yunnan Baiyao products.

How does it work?

It is believed to work by activating the platelets, which are the small blood components that help make blood clot.  Blood clots are the first step in a scab.  They are like little plugs or corks in the way they stop hemorrhage.

Yunnan Baiyao taken by mouth has been shown to decrease liver bleeding in animals.  Similarly, it has been shown to decrease bleeding times in ponies who took it orally.  The same was shown for rabbits.  It also works when the powder is applied to a bleeding surface.

Administration and Dosage

-Human For wounds by knife, gunshot or traumatic injury, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, take with warm water. 
-For wounds with stagnated blood, swelling and pain, disease of gynecopathy, take with wine. 
-For initial stage of venomous sore, administer a dosage of 0.25g and apply on infectious area with a portion of Yunnan Baiyao Powder mixed with wine. Do not apply Yunnan Baiyao Powder on suppurative sore. 
-For slight injury and other internal hemorrhage symptoms, administer Yunnan Baiyao Capsule orally. 

Oral Administration Dosage 1-2 capsules each time, 4 times daily. (for 2-5 years old children take 1/4 of dosage; 6-12 years old take 1/2 of dosage) Take insurance pill (the red pill) for severe traumatic injury. 

Animal (Bleeding Cancer in Dog, Cat etc.) (reference: Yunnan Baiyao Capsules should be used only after consultation and in cooperation with your dog’s veterinarian. 

General guidelines: 

-For dogs under 10 lbs, give 1 capsule by mouth one time a day. 
-For dogs from 10 to 30 lbs, give 1 capsule by mouth two times a day. 
-For dogs above 30 but less than 60 lbs, give 2 capsules two times a day. 
-For dogs above 60 lbs, give 2 capsules three times a day. 
-For cats refer to instructions above based on weight. Best to give on alternating days, or for a 5-day on, 5-day off cycle that repeats. 

Have you had success with Yunnan Baiyao? Would love to hear your story in the comments below!



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