Rainforest Buffet Board (Side Mount)*
Rainforest Buffet Board (Side Mount)*

Rainforest Buffet Board (Side Mount)*

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Unique Handmade Parrot Toys - Made in Canada!
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The Rainforest Buffet Board is a great space saver for your cages. Side mounted with stainless steel hardware and lots of chewy textures for your bird to explore. Re-use the pine board to tie on your own toy parts.

Toy includes:

- 8" x 5.5" x 3/4" pine wood board
- Yucca Slices
- Pine wood daisys
- Sassafras coins
- Coconut butterfly and bird shapes
- Crunchy palm flowers
- Mahogany pod and vine star
- Beehive beads are added for foraging
- Strung onto vegetable tanned leather lace
- Stainless steel cage mounting hardware included. 2" washer on the back for larger bar spacing

Size is approximately 8" x 5.5"

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Rainforest Buffet Board (Side Mount)*
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