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Poplar Wood Platform - 6
Poplar Wood Platform - 6' x 8'

Poplar Wood Platform - 6" x 8"

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FLAT PERCH, 6 x8 Flat Perches provide a relaxing spot for your bird , some birds will sit and lay down Flat Perches gives your birds a place for that.  You can combine Flat perches with other Perches to make to create a fun environment for your feathery friends. It is best to vary the type of perches, use flat and round perches, to put your birds’ feet in different configurations, which it the best for healthy feet. Flat Perches also add variety and enrichment. For Small to Medium sized Birds Amazons, Greys, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures.  GREAT FOR OLDER BIRDS AND DISABLED BIRDS.

Made from poplar hardwood with stainless steel hardware. 

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Poplar Wood Platform - 6
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