Pocket Full of Sunshine Forager - Small
Pocket Full of Sunshine Forager - Small

Pocket Full of Sunshine Forager - Small

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Unique Handmade Parrot Toys - Made in Canada!
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Give your parrot a Pocket Full of Sunshine! Parrot Pockets are a super awesome and durable refillable foraging toy that will keep those birdy beaks busy for hours.

These are made with vegetable tanned leather and stuffed with crinkle paper. Fill the pocket with your birds favourite treats for extra foraging fun! We have added our own twist to these amazing parrot pockets - pine daisys, colourful beads and leather flowers are strung along the tassles. You can easily re-string with your own toy parts once these are finished.

These Parrot Pockets® are 100% organic, handmade and hand-raised in the US using safe, veggie-tanned leather.  Imperfections are encouraged! Look for twists, dents, odd pieces in the hide as we use all the hide when we make our Pockets. We believe in sustainable practice and hope you do too!  We use ALL the hide and waste none.  Besides, these imperfections also encourage our birds to investigate. As we know, parrots are curious, problem-solving critters.

Toy includes:

- 1 x vegetable tanned leather foraging pocket stuffed with crinkle paper
- 8 natural pine daisys
- 4 vegetable tanned leather flowers
- colourful wood beads
- nickle plated quick link included

Comes with a nickle plated quick link for easy hanging.

Size: 6" high x 5.5" wide

Small size is suitable for conures, cockatiels, small greys etc

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