Pine Wood Moon Platform - Medium
Pine Wood Moon Platform - Medium

Pine Wood Moon Platform - Medium

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MEDIUM FLAT PERCH 1/2 SLICE is a Large Bird Perch, 18" long configured in a half circle. Connects to the inside or outside of the cage. 

Birds spend most of their time on their feet gripping a bar, Flat Perches allow birds to spread their toes and put the foot in a relaxed position. Because no one wants to exercise 24/7. It is best to vary the type and size of perches, use flat and round perches. They will put your birds’ feet in different configurations, for healthy feet. Flat Perches also add variety and enrichment. 

For Medium to Large Birds Amazons, Greys, Cockatoos, Macaws GREAT FOR OLDER BIRDS AND DISABLED BIRDS.

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Pine Wood Moon Platform - Medium
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