PUUR - Fruit and Herb Crumble 200g
PUUR - Fruit and Herb Crumble 200g

PUUR - Fruit and Herb Crumble 200g

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Providing healthy nutrition options for your feathered friend!
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honey / mango / banana / papaya / parsley pure gourmet crumble // extra tasty ingredients / no chance of boredom // pure pleasure of a ready-to-eat snack

- Tasty & varied ingredients for an excellent appetite
- The ideal activity for your beloved pet
- Without artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings

Bakery products, sugar (honey 1%), oils and fats, grains, seeds, fruits (2% banana, 0.6% papaya, 0.4% mango), derivatives of vegetable origin (1% seasoning mix), yeast

Crude protein 10,5 %
Crude fat 10,6 %
Crude fibre 2,1 %
Crude ash 2,6 %
Calcium ,1 g/kg
Phosphorus ,1 g/kg
Sodium ,5 g/kg

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