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Prevue Hendryx™ Jellyfish 62671 is a multi-textured, natural foraging pull toy designed for satisfying preening instincts and discouraging plucking in your bird. Birds love to pull at the cotton ropes, unravel the sisal ropes, and peck at the java wood satisfying their natural shredding and pecking instincts. The hardwood shape, plastic beads, and hard-shelled coconut encourage beak and foot exercise. All materials are 100% pet safe with non-toxic, food-grade colors and connect easily to cage with stainless steel quick-link attachments– actual measurements may vary slightly. As always, supervise birds at play. Our Jellyfish measures 9 ½” in diameter and 9 ½” high, ideal for medium, large and x-large birds measuring 18” to 40+” beak to tail.

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