Intermediate Bird Brain Teaser - Large
Intermediate Bird Brain Teaser - Large

Intermediate Bird Brain Teaser - Large

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This awesome foraging toy will keep those big beaks busy for hours. Sized for large parrots or medium size parrots that really like to chew wood and forage.

Alternating 1/4" wide cuts and four 7/8" holes wrap around this block creating multiple areas to grab your parrot's attention. Puzzler blocks have an additional 1/4" wide cut down the length of the front and back creating more areas for beaks to explore encouraging parrots to chew the wood block.

Toy includes:

- 3½” x 3½” x 6” foraging block with stainless steel hook and nickle plated chain and quick link
- 1/2" colourful wood beads for foraging
- Foraging block stuffed with removable cork pops - hide treats behind the corks for an extra challenge. You can purchase replacement corks HERE 

Made by Birdie Buddy in consultation with Kris Porter of Parrot Enrichment with a Parrot Shop twist

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Intermediate Bird Brain Teaser - Large
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