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Harrisons Jumpstart Omega
Harrisons Jumpstart Omega

Harrisons Jumpstart Omega

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A Premium Conditioning and Supplemental Food for Pet Birds
JUMPSTART OMEGA is a premium, certified organic food that serves as a critical role in the daily diet as a nutritious source of omega fats.

Because some birds are hesitant to change diets to a healthy formula. "Jump start" the process by replacing your bird's previous seeds with JUMPSTART GREY MILLET for 3 - 5 weeks then add JUMPSTART OMEGA at a level of 10% of the total diet.

When your bird has converted to a Harrison's formulated product, JUMPSTART OMEGA can be continued to be fed at approximately 5% of the total diet by weight (with 75% Harrison's organic formulated product and 20% organic fresh vegetables).

JUMPSTART GREY MILLET is an organic alternative to non-organic seeds for budgies and cockatiels, etc. who remain on seeds indefinitely with JUMPSTART OMEGA continuing to be fed at 5% of the total offering.

May be added to Harrison's Bird Bread Mixes to increase omega fat content.

Ingredients: Organic flax seeds, organic hemp seeds and organic chia seeds.

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