Coco Cascade*
Coco Cascade*

Coco Cascade*

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Unique Handmade Parrot Toys - Made in Canada!
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This huge toy was made specifically for a macaw that loves coconuts. 

Toy includes:

- 5 coconuts with pre-drilled holes so your bird can hold them, swing on them and move them around. 
- Stuff the coconuts with your birds favourite treats for an extra challenge
- 3 big chunks of pine wood in the middle
- 3 medium coconut discs
- Strung onto thick natural sisal rope
- Nickle plated quick link included

Suitable for macaws, cockatoos, african greys, amazons and similar sized birds

Handmade by The Parrot Shop. 

Size: Approximately 27" high x 9" wide

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Coco Cascade*
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