Bird Brain Teaser -  Side Mount
Bird Brain Teaser - Side Mount

Bird Brain Teaser - Side Mount

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This awesome foraging toy will keep those big beaks busy for hours. Sized for large parrots or medium size parrots that really like to chew wood.

Alternating 1/4" wide cuts wrap around the block with two 3/4" holes and one center 7/8" hole. A 1/4" wide cut through the center of each of the 3/4" holes forms a peek-a-boo hole perfect for hiding nuts or nutri-berries. Two additional 1/4" wide cuts down the length of the front of this block creates more ledges, nooks and crannies to entice parrots to chip away at the wood as well as forage treats out of the toy. 

Toy includes:
- 8" x 3.5" x 1 1/2" foraging block 
- 2 x small palm flowers
- 2 x large pine daisys
- 2 x mini wood wheels on the back to secure
- 2 x 1/2" colourful wood beads
- 1 x small cork pop
- Stainless steel cage mount hardware included - 1 x 2" washer, 1 x 2.5" flat bolt and wing nut

*Please note that the leather lace in the middle comes loose so you can hide treats behind the flower for an extra challenge.

Made by Birdie Buddy in consultation with Kris Porter of Parrot Enrichment with a Parrot Shop twist

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Bird Brain Teaser -  Side Mount
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