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Biodiversity Bird Blends - Go Wild! Conservation Foraging Blends - Small/Med Birds 8oz, 16oz
Biodiversity Bird Blends - Go Wild! Conservation Foraging Blends - Small/Med Birds 8oz, 16oz

Biodiversity Bird Blends - Go Wild! Conservation Foraging Blends - Small/Med Birds 8oz, 16oz

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Handmade in small batches using organic ingredients!
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In collaboration with the Indonesian Parrot Project and their parrot recovery and reintroduction efforts, Biodiversity Bird Blends has sourced parrot foraging items direct from the wild to create our one-of-a-kind "Go Wild!" Conservation Blends. These items are sustainably sourced directly from the wild by the Indonesian Parrot Project itself, for which proceeds go directly to support the important conservation work they continue to do. These items are blended with other high value foraging items like flowers, buds, seeds, nuts, bark and more as parrots consume items like these around the world.

The unique items sourced by the IPP are included in this foraging blend because parrots in the wild have been observed eating these and they are fed to parrots in their program to help transition them back to the wild. This will encourage your birds to exhibit natural foraging behaviors while providing enrichment opportunities like no other. Not to mention help support parrots in the wild!

For more information on the Indonesian Parrot Project, visit

Provide this to your bird any way you offer them food. This can be mixed with their dry foods to enhance the diversity you are already offering or alone in a dish or tray, on a plate, in foraging toys, etc. For ideas on whole food foraging, consider joining the Avian Raw Whole Food Nutrition group on Facebook or join Dr. Crean's Team Thrive! Avian Nutrition education platform at

Ingredients: Unsweetened banana chips, walnut, pecan, unsweetened coconut and husk, squash seed, pumpkin seed, star anise, pine nuts, carrot, rosehips*, hibiscus flowers*, chamomile flowers*, rooibos*, kelor nuts (Moringa spp.), ketapang nuts (Terminalia spp.), asem nut and pods (Tamarindus spp.), kenari nut (Canarium spp.), Rotan nut (Calamus spp.), Ceylon cinnamon bark*, unsulfured apple dices, red rose bud/petals*, calendula flower*, cornflowers, jasmine flower buds*, lavender flower buds*, red clover flowers*, thyme leaf*, rosemary leaf*, peppermint*, sage*, oregano*, dandelion root*, red clover*, Rama holy basil (tulsi)*, freeze dried mealworms and/or black soldier fly larvae*. Now with dried papaya!
*denotes sourced organic ingredient though all other ingredients are also untreated

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