Biodiversity Bird Blends - Freeze Dried Bird Bits (Small-Medium Birds) 4oz
Biodiversity Bird Blends - Freeze Dried Bird Bits (Small-Medium Birds) 4oz

Biodiversity Bird Blends - Freeze Dried Bird Bits (Small-Medium Birds) 4oz

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Handmade in small batches using organic ingredients!
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Our Biodiversity Bird Bits consist of 100% unprocessed (no heating) whole food ingredients. We recommend offering these later in the day after your birds have had access to fresh whole food items like soaked and sprouted items, fruit, vegetables, etc. Our Biodiversity Bird Bits are meant to be offered as part of a diverse whole food diet and are freeze-dried which maintains almost all of the nutritional components of the original ingredients. Since freeze-dried foods have a lengthy shelf-life when stored properly, these are also appropriate for use when traveling, during emergencies, or when you need to leave your bird in someone else’s care in the short term. These are formulated to be nutrient-dense so just a few per day can help satisfy your bird’s nutritional needs with every bite! All Bird Bites come packaged with dried edible flowers.

Offer a few Biodiversity Bird Bits per day when you would usually offer dry foods. These can be offered in a variety ways, including in foraging devices, mixed with other dry foods, or any other way you provide dry foods to your birds.

Ingredients: Sprouted quinoa*, sprouted peas*, sprouted lentils*, green pumpkin seed*, sprouted buckwheat*, sprouted red millet*, flaxseed*, sprouted broccoli seeds*, coconut*, sprouted alfalfa seeds*, walnuts, pecans, coriander*, fennel*, hempseed*, milk thistle*, black sesame seed*, chia seed*, eggshell, bee pollen, thyme leaf*, rosemary leaf*, peppermint*, sage*, oregano*, moringa leaf, dandelion leaf/root*, red clover*, Rama holy basil (tulsi)*, hibiscus*, red rose bud/petals*, calendula*, cornflowers, jasmine flower*, lavender flower*, chamomile*, pumpkin*, butternut squash*, pea pods*, bell pepper*, cress, beets*, carrots*, Brussels sprouts*, papaya fruit (with skin)*, papaya leaf*, hexane-free lichen-extracted Vitamin D3.

*denotes an organic ingredient
Crude Protein - Min. 13.0%
Crude Fat - Min. 16.0% (incl. Omega-3 fatty acids)
Crude Fiber -  10.0%
Moisture -  7%

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Biodiversity Bird Blends - Freeze Dried Bird Bits (Small-Medium Birds) 4oz
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