8" Manzanita Superoost Perch - XSmall

8" Manzanita Superoost Perch - XSmall

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Manzanita trees and shrubs are native to western North America. Unlike most trees, which have rough furrowed bark, manzanita bark is very smooth. It is a very hard wood for those big beaks.

The Superoost is sand blasted to remove foreign matter and insure no sharp edges to damage a bird’s feet. The varied terrain is not only more enjoyable for the bird but also helps to exercise their feet and legs.

– Solid 100% natural sandblasted surface.
– Easy to install
– Durable Construction

For use with finches, canaries, small budgies, lovebirds, and other similar size birds.

Sand Blasted Manzanita Superoost Perch - Extra Small - 8"

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