**Please note that the raffle for this year is now closed. Thank you for your support!**

The Parrot Shop is a huge supporter of Rescue groups. With your help, the lives of these birds can be better enriched.

We are currently holding a 649 Elimination Draw fundraiser to raise money for Friends of the Aviary in Hamilton, Ontario

By supporting this fundraiser you will be providing much needed supplies for the parrots at the sanctuary

Here's how it works:

1. You pick 6 numbers between 1-49 and pay $10.00 for 1 line, $25 for 3 lines (Canadian Currency)

2. Our draw begins on Wednesday December 18th and ends as soon as someone has all their selected numbers drawn.

3. We will use the numbers drawn on both Wednesday and Saturday nights, Bonus number included. REMINDER YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY PURCHASING A LOTTO TICKET FOR THE DRAW! Just using the numbers drawn to try and eliminate yours.

4. The 1st person who has all their numbers crossed out will be the winner and get's 50% of the total pot

We will be posting the sheet with everyone's numbers once the due date has passed.

In the event that 2 or more people happen to have their remaining numbers eliminated in the same draw they will split the pot accordingly.

Don't forget to SHARE!! Good Luck and thanks again for your support.