12' Manzanita Superoost Perch - Large

12" Manzanita Superoost Perch - Large

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Now your bird can have the health and comfort of a natural wood perch, along with the safety grip and nail benefits of a pedicure perch.  Only the Superoost™ combines Manzanita along with patented pedicure pumice grips.  Manzanita is one of the hardest woods available, which provides a long-lasting perch.  We then add 100% natural cosmetic grade pumice to the sides for grip and nail health.  This is so good – it’s patented!

Just as in nature, each perch is unique – in shape, color and texture.  No two perches will be the same.  100% natural – and made in the USA.

Now you don’t make sacrifices.  You can have a Manzanita perch, one of the most durable natural wood available, along with the health and safety of a pedicure perch.  Only from SF&B!

Size:  Approx 1-1/2" Diameter by 12" long

Recommended for Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, Larger Cockatoos

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