1.5' Manila Tiki Rope 2FT

1.5" Manila Tiki Rope 2FT

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These natural manila tiki ropes are a huge hit with the large birds. Great for large cages, bird rooms and aviaries - these are sure to be a hit with your flock.

They can be used as diagonal perches in cages, or an addition to an awesome playgym, or hung straight up and down as a climbing rope.  The manila is a brittle fiber rope, similar to sisal, so toe nails do not get tangled in the fibers like cotton.  It needs very little trimming, if any, over the life of the rope. This makes them a favorite for use in breeder cages and aviaries as the birds can enjoy rope perches without the need for constant intrusion from their caretakers.  They are also excellent for birds with plucking issues as they love to preen the fibers of the rope. 

For African Greys, we recommend the larger 2" diameter as they seem to enjoy the stability of the perch to the smaller, less rigid 1.5" ropes.  And, of course, these are customer favorites for those who share their lives with the large macaws and cockatoos.  

Size: 1.5" diameter x 2FT long

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