Regular Parrot Pockets

Regular Parrot Pockets

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Nearly 70 percent of a wild parrot's day is spent eating or acquiring food.

Parrot Pockets® have been created to fill the need for our birds to work for each bite. Parrot Pockets are designed for the bird to learn how to forage--a developmental necessity.

Parrot Pockets® have it covered! The hole opens at the top wide enough to have easy access to favorite treats, pellets, dried goods and then becomes more difficult as they are emptied. Once they figure out to pull their treats from the holes, we have a foraging parrot! Be creative on what to fill it with--nuts, seeds, cereal, dry noodles, paper, etc. No more tossing food out the food dish. It's time to forage like they are hanging out on a claylick!

All Parrot Pockets® are 100% organic, handmade and hand-raised in the US using safe, veggie-tanned leather.  Imperfections are encouraged! Look for twists, dents, odd pieces in the hide as we use all the hide when we make our Pockets. We believe in sustainable practice and hope you do too!  We use ALL the hide and waste none.  Besides, these imperfections also encourage our birds to investigate. As we know, parrots are curious, problem-solving critters.

Sizing Chart

x-small - lovebirds, budgies, small conures
Small - conures, cockatiels, small greys etc
Medium - mini macaws, small cockatoos, amazons, greys etc
Large - Cockatoos and Macaws

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